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Christian Stability   J.L. Wallace 
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"Do you suffer for the truth, or does the truth suffer because of you?" 
New Years Eve Sermons 
628. A Sermon In Shoes - Bro. Nathan Bullen 
630. That I May Know Him  Bro. Jeff Wallace 
640. Another Generation Cometh  Bro. Jesse Herr 
642. The Nature Of The Atonement - Philip Herr 
643. Evidence Of A Full Soul - Jeff Wallace 
648. Original Sin??  Bro. Wallace 
652. ZEAL - Bro. Jeff Wallace  
655. The Loving of THE LIE - Bro. Wallace 
657. The Cost Of Faith - Philip Herr 
659. Brotherly Love - Nathan Bullen 
660. The Heaven's Declare - Noah Wallace 
661. Investing Your Free Time - Jesse Herr 
664. God's Friend 
666. Filling The Gap - Jeff Wallace 
682.The Necessity Of Discipleship - J.L. Wallace  
682.  Is Ignorance A Virtue?  Philip Herr 
687. Christian Stability   J.L. Wallace