Living Faith Sermon Videos 
WARNING:  If you watch the video on YouTube, at the end YouTube will put up suggested videos that may not be appropriate.  If you watch it from our embed on this page you will avoid being offended by their inappropriateness. 
3-18-18 MESSAGE:  
Church Members Share 
Bro. Nathan Bullen 
Brotherly Love 
Bro. Noah Wallace 
The Heavens Declare 
Bro. Jesse Herr (Deacon) 
Investing Your Free Time 
As I Have Loved You 
Hast Thou Considered? 
Church Members Share 
Bro. Jeff Wallace 
The Loving of the Lie 
Filling The Gap 
The Necessity of Discipleship 
Christian Stability 
Are You Listening? 
Bro. Philip Herr 
The Cost of Faith 
Is Ignorance a Virtue? 
Loving The Preeminence