Living Faith Sermon Videos 
WARNING:  If you watch the video on YouTube, at the end YouTube will put up suggested videos that may not be appropriate.  If you watch it from our embed on this page you will avoid being offended by their inappropriateness. 
11-26-23 MESSAGE:  
Church Members Share 
Bro. Jesse Herr (Deacon) 
The Prophet Is Your Friend 
Led of the Spirit - 2 
Following The Spirit 
Bro. Jesse: Ordination Message 
Thoughts On Marriage 
Faith Detailed 
Becoming Bitter or Blessed 
Lovers of Truth 
The Testings Of Life 
The House of Mourning 
Investing Your Free Time 
As I Have Loved You 
Hast Thou Considered? 
Bro. Jesse Herr shares from the Bible why he left the Mennonite Denomination he was raised in: 
Strange Fire  (1 of 4) 
As God Is Holy  (2 of 4) 
Let Us Reason Together  (3 of 4) 
My Court Date (4 0f 4) 
Would God Send Strong Delusion? 
Refreshing Our Vision 
Why I Live In Linn County 
Conspiracy In History 
God's Doorkeepers 
Worth Remembering? 
Bro. Jesse to Jim Polanek 
Preparation For Deception 
Path to Deception (part 2) 
What is Success? 
Are You Listening? 
Bro. Nathan Bullen 
The Art Of Snaring 
Your Altar of Sacrifice 
"A Good Report" 
Ordination Sermon 
As a Man Thinketh In His Heart... 
God Remembers Your Promises 
The Sin Virus 
Brotherly Love 
"I Go Sir..." 
Legal Vs. Evangelical Repentance 
What Think Ye Of Christ? 
What Think Ye Of Christ? -2 
Recipe For A Good Report 
True & False Grace 
The Fear Of The LORD 
Seeing The Test 
Church Members Share 
Bro. Titus Bullen 
I Get To Choose My Own Eternity 
What is Coming Out Of  
Your Heart? 
Bro. Philip Herr 
Who Is Praying For You? 
Prayer: All About Relationship 
All Righteousness - Ordination 
Samson? Pt 2 
Lessons From Balaam 
They Soon Forgat His Works 
There Is Grace In Your Place 
My Ebenezer 
The Cost of Faith 
Is Ignorance a Virtue? 
Loving The Preeminence 
A Blessing or a Curse? 
What is the New Birth? 
Roots Of Iniquity 
The Agency For Man 
The Agency For Man - 2 
Body Dynamics 
The Fear Of God 
Do You Care? 
Harlot?  or  Bride? 
Watch Your Wanter