Are YOU in danger of Hell? 
††Christ told the true story of a man who labored for money, pleasure, and his friendís approval; but didnít labor to receive Godís approval. †The man was quite religious; but was not living a holy life of obedience to all that God said. †He dies and is buried, but suddenly he is in hell-fire, tormented in the flames, and crying for a drop of water. †When he fully realizes his doom, he cries out for someone to go testify to his five brothers still living on earth and following his bad example. He knows they are headed for the same doom unless they start believing and obeying Godís Word.  
††What a sobering situation (Luke 16:19-31). †The reason you are holding this card is because I am testifying to you so you wonít face the hell-fire, terror, and hopeless doom that man experienced. †The word ďtestifyĒ means to witness intensely. †If one of your deceased loved ones is now in Heaven or Hell, they greatly desire that someone would testify to you Godís truth, so you will repent of going your own way and not end up in Hell.This is your opportunity to hear the truth and reconcile with God. †††††† 
Why do people go to Hell? 
††There are two paths through life: Jesus calls one the Narrow Way, and the other the Broad Way. †The narrow way is carefully obeying all Christís teachings, and this leads to Heaven. †The broad way is avoiding careful obedience to all Christís teachings, and this leaves you condemned and headed to Hell. † 
†††Jesus said: ďEnter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.Ē †(Matthew 7:13,14) 
††God has graciously offered all mankind a chance to turn from disobedience, and be reconciled to His favor through the sacrifice and priesthood of Christ Jesus. They must leave the broad path of self-will, and find the narrow path of obedience to Christ. † 
††God sent Jesus as the agent of his mercy and grace; and He expects you to follow and obey all Christ taught. †If you reject this, you are telling God that you donít care about reconciliation with Him.Then you will end up like that man in hell-fire. †If God allowed rebels into heaven, it would ruin heaven ó it is the very thing that ruined earth in the beginning, and still does ó God is justified in His wrath against proud rebels who reject His offer of mercy. 
††If men will not repent of breaking Godís holy laws ó If they will not accept the gracious terms of mercy and reconciliation ó If they will not reconcile and submit to Christ as their rightful LORD; then this only proves how much they hate God and His righteous government. †God rightly considers these people enemies of His Kingdom. The Bible says: ďFor the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness;Ē(Romans 1:18) If you choose wrong when you know better, then you fit in this category. † 
††Your only hope of escaping Godís wrath is to repent of your sin, let God know in clear terms that you want to change, and that you want to reconcile with Him. †If you donít make every effort to assure God that you love His government and desire to obey and follow the Lord Jesus Christ, then donít be surprised when God labels you a rebel, and gives you your portion with those who hate His holy law and government in hell-fire. 
††Donít be deceived by false religion that says you just ďaccept JesusĒ to be saved ó NO, you must follow and obey Jesus or God rightly considers you a rebel who just wants to avoid Hell. †That man in Hell was very religious; but God is not fooled; and false religion cannot save you on Judgment Day. The Bible clearly states that Jesus is the ďauthor of eternal salvation unto all them that obey himĒ. (Hebrews 5:9) 
††I have TESTIFIED to you the TRUTH ó I truly hope you will seek reconciliation with God through Jesus Christ and not end up in Hell. †God desires to pardon, cleanse, and reconcile with all who humbly repent and seek His mercy through Christ Jesus. †Our website is designed to give you all the information you need, and we are here to help as well. ††God bless you as you sincerely seek to do what is right. 
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