The Bible explicitly warns: 
“Be Not Deceived, 
God Is Not Mocked” 
   What does that mean? Isn’t it true that people have mocked at God, mocked the Bible, and mocked Jesus Christ? Every time someone willfully disobeys God are they not mocking Him?  Yes, that is true; but consider this: 
 If a smaller boxer walks into the ring with a larger boxer, the crowd and announcers might mock the smaller one, assuming he will lose; but if he knocks the big guy cold in the first round we all will say, “He was not mocked”.  He was indeed mocked at, but the prediction failed, and he was not successfully mocked.  It makes a difference if the mocking is before or after all is said and done. 
  A boy mocks his teacher in school and is hauled to the office. If he returns with a smug smile because his punishment was so light that he isn’t sorry for his sin; then the teacher is mocked, and so is the school’s authority.  However, if the boy is punished enough that he comes back with tears and humility (as in days gone by), then the authorities are not mocked. 
  The statement “God is not mocked” means that those who disregard and disobey God’s Word will someday wish to the depths of their soul they had not done so; and everyone who carefully obeys God will someday be very glad they did.  If this doesn’t happen, then God’s Word and authority is mocked — His warnings and promises are then shown to be a bluff or at least exaggerated.    
  If the pleasure in disobedience outweighs the pain of punishment, then God is mocked.  If careful obedience to God doesn’t yield far more happiness in the end than sin does, then God is mocked.  If people can enjoy disobedience to God and still go to Heaven, then God’s Word is mocked, and His faithful obedient people are mocked and shown to be fools for striving to obey God.  However, it is written in the constitution of the universe with an eternal decree: “Be Not Deceived, God Is Not Mocked.” (Galatians 6:7) 
  BE WARNED then that the pleasure and prosperity of present sin (disobedience) will someday be eclipsed by the terror of the punishment — AND GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED! 
  On judgment day when those who scoff at ‘obeying Jesus’ are cast into Hell-fire, nobody — I say nobody will think that sin was worth it.  You can be sure that God’s warnings are not exaggerated.  No one will take their own course and not regret it with eternal remorse. 
  On the other hand, those who carefully follow Christ’s teaching and suffer rejection or shame for His cause will someday shed tears of joy that they did.  It won’t matter then that they were mocked for obeying Christ.  You can be assured that you will never regret believing and obeying God’s Holy Word.  When Judgment Day comes you will be sooooo glad you obeyed. 
  Are you willing to gamble with your soul that God will be mocked? — That you will be an exception?  Every time you carelessly disobey and dishonor God’s Son, you are gambling with your soul.  Will God allow you to dishonor His Son?  Are you going to make God a liar?   Will you call His bluff and mock His Word? 
“Be Not Deceived, God Is Not Mocked!” 
  “Choose you this day whom ye will serve; …as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” (Joshua 24:15)  
— Sincerely, Pastor Mark Bullen 
Living Faith Christian Fellowship 
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