‘And being made perfect, 
he (Jesus) became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him;’ 
“‘In this verse,’ says Dr. Macknight, ‘three things are clearly stated: 1. That obedience to Christ is equally necessary to salvation with believing on him. 2. That he was made perfect as a high priest by offering himself a sacrifice for sin, chap. viii, 3.  3. That, by the merit of that sacrifice, he hath obtained pardon and eternal life for them who obey him.’ He tasted death for every man but he is the author and cause of eternal salvation only to them who obey him.’  It is not merely believers but obedient believers, that shall be finally saved. Therefore this text is an absolute, unimpeachable evidence, that it is not the imputed obedience of Christ that saves any man. Christ has bought men by his blood; and by the infinite merit of his death he has purchased for them an endless glory; but, in order to be prepared for it, the sinner must, through that grace which God withholds from no man, repent, turn from sin, believe on Jesus as being a sufficient ransom and sacrifice for his soul, receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, be a worker together with him, walk in conformity to the Divine will through this Divine aid, and continue faithful unto death, through him, out of whose fullness he may receive grace upon grace.” (underline added) --ADAM CLARKE