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We had a tremendous week of Youth/Family Bible Camp.  Everything went better than expected, though Satan was actively working to hinder.  Many lives recommitted, many repenting and being converted to Christ.  Everyone whose heart was open was blessed.  Wow, what a wonderful week a making new friends and enriching relationships.  Thank YOU LORD! 
Bible Camp Lesson #1 
AD 26 - Who Got Baptized? 
Bible Camp Lesson #2 
Yeshua HaMashiach 
Bible Camp Lesson #3 
The First 12 Years 
Bible Camp Lesson #4 
Grafting Of The Gentiles 
Bible Camp Lesson #5 
Paul's Journeys 
Bible Camp Lesson #6 
AD 70 & Beyond 
Bible Camp Sunday 9-25-22 
Bible Camp Monday Night 
Bro. Nathan - The Fear Of God 
Bible Camp Tuesday Night 
Bro. Nathan - God Is Not Mocked 
Bible Camp Wednesday Night 
Bro. Philip - A Blessed People 
Bible Camp Friday Night 
Bro. Nathan - True & False Repentance