Purity’s Gift 
A heartfelt message to the youth of today. 
Protect your purity, don’t throw it away. 
Don’t carelessly give it to him or to her, 
but guard it and keep it so you’re wedded pure! 
You say, “that’s old fashion, not up with the time.” 
“I give it, in love; not robbed, not a crime.” 
I’m afraid you’re deceived, the truth is clear,  
If truly you love, you will listen . . .  and hear. 
Purity is a gift from God above, 
Kept for just one — Your life-long Love. 
How to keep purity in our loose day? 
All around you are fooled to give it away. 
Unless you do right, you’ll know not what you’ve lost, 
Only time and pain may reveal the high cost. 
First, realize the value of purity . . . the gift. 
Change your priorities . . . pure, modest, chaste ~ lift. 
True love will wait, not allure, coax or take. 
Wait . . . till it’s time,  for your Life-mate. 
Purity is truly a gem of great price, 
When lost, can’t regain it - be given it twice. 
Young ladies dress proper, young men keep hands off! 
Don’t allure, pressure . . . at purity scoff. 
Choose "purity",  dare to be free from guilt’s pain ~ 
Find security, harness self, learn to abstain. 
Carefully dress in a modest way; 
Guard your conduct in work and in play. 
It’s well worth retaining your purity in youth; 
To give only in marriage, is precious Truth. 
The gift no other can give, keeps on living . . . 
Priceless and precious, it keeps on giving. 
It builds a sweet trust in your mate you share; 
Guard heart and purity, no more could you care. 
Save purity for the day you say “I do” 
Then share the sweet gift, through the years, “just you two” 
We’ve shared “purity the gift” for twenty ~five years 
No sorrow, regret - builds trust, brings joy, sweet tears 
God is so wise in His plan from the start; 
He knows “purity’s gift”, each facet . . . each part. 
We thank our dear Father in Heaven above, 
For the “gift” of purity, trust and sweet love. 
With this challenge to the youth, we also pray; 
Be faithful to your Mate, on purity’s path stay! 
Mark & Angela Bullen 
Blessed 25th  Anniversary 
~ 2013 ~