Your submission to God  
And your faithfulness there  
Brings a crown of life  
In that city so fair.  
Your submission to God  
In every hard trial  
Condemns the Serpent  
And reveals his wile;  
Unveils his pride,  
And his unjust claim  
That Godís at fault,  
That Godís to blame.  
For Satan rebelled, 
Withdrew his submission, 
And now blames God  
For his wretched condition.  
Satan rebelled  
While Godís heaven he shared  
Entrusted and blessed,  
But treason he dared.  
He can only then hide  
And cover his deed  
By convincing others  
To follow his lead.  
Your submission to God  
Shows Satan a liar;  
Shows him worthy  
Of eternal fire.  
Thus Satanís wrath  
Has one goal and aim  
To break my submission  
To Godís holy name.  
Thus getting me  
His claim to endorse  
That submission to God  
Is an unworthy course.  
That Godís not right 
His choices not best,  
And I have good reason  
His Word to test.  
That I shouldnít suffer  
Just to obey,  
That I shouldnít wait,  
But have it my way.  
If Satan persuades me  
His fruit I should eat,  
My eternal bliss  
He can fully defeat.  
O Listen, my brother,  
Take heed to your course,  
Your submission to God  
Hold fast with great force.  
Submit to His will,  
Though offered the world,  
Though mocked and forsaken,  
Or to lions hurled.  
Your submission to God,  
More precious than life,  
Is worthy the pain,  
Ďtis well worth the strife.  
What is it my friend  
That could come your way,  
That could steal your submission,  
Turn your heart away?  
What would it now be  
That Satan could try;  
For beware, my brother,  
He will, by and by.  
Will he steal your crown:  
Your submission and love?  
Will you be robbed  
Of your home above?  
Or will your faith  
Hold you in submission,  
Regardless the trial,  
The pain, or condition?  
Submission to God  
Has a high price to pay;  
But yields a high wage  
At the close of the day!  
Mark Bullen