"So The Carpenter Hardened The Goldsmith" 
The word used for ENCOURAGE in I Sam. 30:6 and Is. 41:7 is the same word translated 12 times in Exodus for the "hardening" of Pharaoh's heart 
As Pharaoh’s heart was hardened  
to oppose the Word of God;  
so David’s heart was hardened  
to failure’s tempting prod. (ISam.30:6)  
The carpenter did harden  
the goldsmith against pain;  
lest he quit and suffer  
his work to be in vain. (Is. 41:7)  
Lord, let me be hardened,  
not as old Pharaoh past;  
who refused the man of God,  
and lost his son at last.  
But, Lord, let my hardness be  
the kind that keeps men pure;  
in a world of shameless sin,  
let love and right endure.  
Let my spine be stainless steel;  
not bend to sin’s delight.  
Give my lips a welded seal,  
not gossip when I might  
Let my tears of mercy flow,  
though other’s love wax cold.  
Let me value sacred things,  
when other’s birthright’s sold.  
Let my heart still laugh and sing  
while many calloused be;  
their hardness from deceitful sin,  
my hardness, Lord, from thee.  
Hard enough to care for souls  
lost dying in their sin;  
when all the one’s around me  
the lottery must win.  
Hard enough to have some fun  
with my children and wife;  
though the back is aching,  
and job is full of strife.  
Hard enough to kneel and pray  
though 1000 tasks still call.  
Hard enough to stop awhile,  
and throw my son a ball.  
Hard enough to cry awhile  
when Calvary comes in view.  
Hard enough to boldly stand  
and tell men about you.  
Hard enough to give a hand  
when I too need the same.  
Hard enough to yet forgive  
slanders to my name.  
Hard enough to help the weak,  
when I am weak and ill.  
Hard enough when I am bruised  
to care how others feel.  
Hard enough to date my wife,  
romantic and charming be;  
even when my weary bones  
are screaming back at me.  
Hardened to the selfish way  
this sinful flesh would go.  
Hardened so that bitterness  
in me cannot grow  
Hardened so that other men  
can find new strength in me;  
and fight the tide of wickedness  
that pulls to Satan’s sea.  
Hardened so when Jesus comes  
and I’m to face God’s Son;  
I can stand with multitudes  
of others whom I’ve won.  
As this world has hardened hearts  
against the things of God;  
so let me be hardened in  
the steps that Jesus trod!