(One evening while spending time with God. I felt so incapable to show my love. His love seemed like a water fall, and my love as a squirt gun. It seemed I was standing under the water fall trying to squirt my love back up to him against the tide. Then I realized that, rather than saying, “I love you God”. I had to say, “I love you too, God”; because he had already beat me to it. Thus the poem.)  
I quietly slipped to the darkened room,  
alone with God, at last!  
Tonight he seemed right by my side,  
but the time, it went so fast.  
Before the Lord in Spirit there,  
I knelt in awe and wonder.  
To think of all his love for me,  
just burst my heart asunder.  
With feeble lips and worthless words,  
I tried to show my love;  
but could not rise against the tide  
that came down from above.  
At that moment, I perceived  
a truth so sweet unfold;  
A truth so simple, yet so deep;  
it’s beauty’s still untold.  
I can’t look into God’s face,  
and simply say, “I love you.”  
For me to speak to God just so.  
would be for me to argue.  
Now, fellow lover, listen,  
for what I say ‘tis true;  
all we can rightly say to him  
is, “God I love you too.”  
“I love you, too”, “I love you, too”  
0 my Lord. “I love you, too”.  
Say it as much, as fast as you like;  
but he’s still ahead of you.  
To simply say, “I love you”,  
means you’re the first to say it.  
The receiver says. “I love you too”,  
in order to repay it.  
But with God we can’t compete;  
his love’s so full and true.  
We must then be satisfied  
with, “God, I love you too.”  
We would have to outrun God  
in this race of love;  
then listen for his love reply  
come down from above.  
This, my friend, will never be;  
for his love is firmly stated;  
not only in what he did today;  
but in all that he created.  
The Spirit moved upon the deep. 
o’r the formless tide;  
for God to say, in his own way,  
“I want you by my side.” 
When he spoke and made the sun,  
then spread the stars abroad;  
he proved to me for eternity.  
his love is not a fraud.  
He placed the moon amongst the stars.  
He set the crickets singing;  
so I could have, with him alone.  
my own romantic evening.  
Words unending I could write.  
this poem would n’er be through;  
but I must stop right now and say.  
“My God, I love you too!”