The reason men ought to fear God, is because God is not mocked: that means not one of his words will fail, and no command, principle. or warning will ever be transgressed or ignored without the penalty making the offender wish he hadn’t done it. No one will ever disobey and say, “I’m glad I disobeyed. The crime was worth the punishment.”  
‘Tis fear of God, the Scriptures say,  
why men from evil depart.  
Some men live without this fear,  
‘cause Satan’s deceived their heart  
“Be not deceived”. Paul once said,  
“God is not mocked” by men,  
He will see that the penalty  
will cause regret for sin.  
The pleasure you receive from sin  
will not be enough  
to make you glad you disobeyed,  
and at God’s Word did snuff.  
If you don’t wish someday, my friend;  
that you’d not done the deed;  
then God is mocked, and you have found  
to fear him there’s no need.  
Yet, if all could grasp the truth  
we see in Galatian 6:7;  
they would flee the wrath to come, 
and find the way to Heaven.  
Be not deceived, God is not mocked;  
though mock his Word, some dare.  
When judgement mornin’ rolls around,  
we’ll see just how you fare.  
When God's Word gives a warning,  
a precept or a command:  
if you tread across the line;  
he will not stay his hand.  
Though penalty won’t always come  
at that day and hour;  
God will see that justice comes:  
for this he has the power.  
If justice is not done each time  
you trespass his command;  
then God is mocked, and shown to be  
no stronger than a man. 
His government would crumble;  
his holiness expire;  
the universe in chaos fling,  
for he’d be found a liar.  
You can’t ignore one principle,  
and hope that he won’t know.  
Just be wise, and fear the Lord;  
so grace He will bestow.  
Jesus is the only hope;  
but repentance he must see:  
for God is not at all impressed  
with your false security.  
“If we faint not”, is the word,  
if we would reap his Heaven.  
To all men this is meant;  
to all this word is given.  
Don’t despair, just turn, my friend;  
repent of all known sin;  
come fall down at Jesus’ feet,  
and mercy you will win.  
Don’t commit presumptuous sin,  
and go in your own way.  
Don’t listen to false prophets,  
who claim that you’re OK.  
Not one jot or tittle  
will ever fall aside  
from his holy sovereign law,  
so make sure you abide.  
This is why I fear the Lord:  
he is not mocked by man.  
He makes his Word to endure,  
his justice to ever stand.  
Settle it then, in your heart.  
Don’t trespass one command.  
Live each day with this in mind:  
God is not mocked by man.