Twas almost too much 
for Asaph to see, 
wicked men living 
in prosperity. 
His steps well nigh slipped, 
his feet were near gone, 
he looked from man’s view, 
but saw it all wrong. 
The story’s not over 
till all facts are in, 
and in every story, 
God rights. “The End”. 
In round number one 
the wicked may lead, 
and may with dishonesty 
seem to succeed. 
With money, acceptance,  
parties, and sin;  
but in every story.  
God rights, “The End”.  
When story began  
the rich man was well,  
but Lazarus sees later,  
him burning in Hell.  
Joseph is sold  
in scene number one,  
but ruling in Egypt  
before it’s all done.  
Job is destroyed  
it seems like today.  
but God rights “The End”  
in a beautiful way.  
Sometimes we are tempted  
to give in to sin,  
when going that way  
it seems you can win.  
But, listen my friend,  
though right may be hard,  
and advances by inches,  
instead of by yard;  
There’s a God keeping score,  
each round is recorded,  
and faith in this God  
is always rewarded.  
Though your story’s unfair,  
right hasn’t paid off;  
you’re serving the Lord, 
while others goof off;  
The story’s not over  
till all facts are in;  
and in every story  
Psalms 73 tells an account where Asaph took his eyes off the eternal, and got discouraged with the temporal.  No matter what happens in the story, God always writes, "The End" to every story.  Not only does he write "The End" to every story, but he also RIGHTS the end.