Once a great king  
in a land of old,  
loved the Lord,  
as the story is told.  
He prayed one night  
while all alone  
to be more like God  
than any had grown... understand  
just how God felt,  
this he prayed  
as he knelt  
The Lord decided  
to grant his prayer,  
and let him know  
right then and there.  
The king awoke  
to start his day  
and be like God  
in every way.  
His heart moved him  
with endless love  
to do and give  
like God above.  
His mind was wise  
and knew it all  
and answers would give  
to whomever would call.  
His ways were just  
and righteous too.  
He told the people  
what ‘s right to do.  
He made great plans  
to help and heal;  
but then he learned  
how God did feel...  
Folks didn’t care  
what he had to say;  
they just wanted  
to go their own way.  
Some sang his praises;  
but he was told,  
‘twas not for love,  
but silver and gold.  
Those of his friends  
or so he thought  
proved their friendship  
must be bought.  
Oh so lonely  
the king became;  
only for favors  
men called his name.  
Those he thought closest  
and could depend;  
were also at times  
his enemy’s friend.  
People in trouble  
he saw every day,  
and knew it would help  
to do it his way.  
But, they wouldn’t listen,  
trampled his care;  
then would come crying  
when in deep despair.  
They cursed his name  
when troubles came near.  
They mocked his love,  
despised his tear.  
They used his fame  
for selfish gain;  
none cared for him,  
nor felt his pain.  
He ran to God, 
and prayed again.  
“0, Dear Lord,  
forgive my sin.”  
“I think I’ve had,  
a little share  
of how you feel  
and how you care.”  
“But it is more  
than I can bear  
to be more like you,  
I wouldn’t dare.”  
It’s said the old king  
never asked again  
to be just like God,  
and be treated like him.