JER. 13:9-17 
Is it the Word of the LORD, or mine? 
Is it my pride causing strife, or thine? 
Did I become author of the Word? 
Just by telling what from God Iíve heard? 
If I donít tell what God commanded, 
The judge of all deems me blood-handed. 
Judgment will come, damnation youíll see, 
Even if you can disregard me. 
Tearing me down, slandering my name 
Changes nothing ó Godís Word is the same. 
I am a man, Iíve feelings like you, 
Iím really your friend, if you only knew. 
Because I am His, a messenger true, 
Must I be hated, is this my due? 
Iíd love to tell how good youíre doing; 
How blessíd your fate, with gentle wooing. 
To see you smile, admiring my grace; 
Yet seeing not the lying disgrace. 
Youíd love me sure, but would I love you? 
To feed you lies, and not tell you true? 
Are you so enflamed against Godís light, 
That even the messengers you fight? 
Can you not be objective and see 
That not one word is authored by me? 
Itís not at me, but at God you rail. 
Should not this truth cause your face to pale? 
O, dear people, consider your end. 
Realize the truth ó the preacherís your friend. 
Humble yourselves! †Hear Godís clear Word! 
Reconcile now! †Return to the LORD! 
But if youíre too proud to fear what youíll reap; 
In secret places my soul shall weep. 
Mark Bullen †Ď06