Worthy, Worthy, is the Lamb that was slain 
The Son of God to cleanse every stain.  
His worthiness, friend is not in question.  
He is most worthy of all our affection.  
Hes worthy of all my time and labor  
Hes worthy if I must die a martyr  
Hes worthy of me down on my knees  
asking for mercy with humble pleas.  
Hes worthy to demand that I obey  
and faithfully battle on a narrow way  
Hes worthy if I loose family and friend  
and give my life his truth to defend.  
Hes worthy if I meet poverty sore  
by preaching the gospel to the weak and poor  
Hes worthy of praise, worship, and song  
even when others have done me wrong.  
Hes worthy to regulate my attire  
and deny my flesh its chiefest desire  
Hes worthy to trust as did Job of old  
Hes worthy I witness through heat and cold  
Yes, hes worthy, tis surely clear:  
But from that issue might we now steer?  
Another question we surely should muse  
will He deem us worhty to choose?  
Will we be found worthy His name to bear?  
Will we be found worthy His glory to share?  
Have we lost our life his will to pursue? 
or sacrificed what our flesh wants to do?  
Will we be found worthy when life is spent?  
Will God deem us worthy of the Son he sent?  
If I were God and Jesus my Son;  
And I had seen all mankind has done,  
I wouldnt be loose with who I let in;  
theyd surely have to give up their sin. 
If my sons glory they wanted to share;  
If they desired that home hed prepare;  
They must then follow each word he gave,  
Or Id never deem them worthy to save.  
They must honor and serve him in love  
Appreciate that he came from above,  
To save them from wrath their just reward. 
Not live for their pleasure as they could afford  
My wrath would burn bright to punish sore 
all who took lightly the cross my son bore.  
Those only who loved him would I forgive.  
And only this group in Heaven would live.