If the world with flashing lights,  
glamour rich, and leather tights;  
And the flesh with promised joys,  
selfish gain, and love of toys;  
And the Devilís dollar signs,  
sexy pleasure, dirty minds;  
Were to rank me number one,  
set me up above the sun,  
Promise power, wealth, and fame;  
make men tremble at my name;  
Give me all I could desire,  
just quit on God--theyíd require;  
Iíd just smile and laugh a while 
and answer in the psalmistís style. 
A doorkeeper for God Iíd rather be  
and enjoy His love and grace so free,  
Than in tents of wickedness dwell --  
rule in life, then burn in Hell.  
A day in His courts is better by far  
than a thousand days at Satanís bar.  
For no good thing will He not give  
to all of those who godly live,  
No thank you world, you canít compare  
to that city built foursquare.  
No thank you flesh, your joy is dim  
compared to time I spend with Him.  
Sorry Devil, you canít compete  
Iíd rather stay at Jesusí feet.