Which Master?
In your busy schedule each day, 
Do you take the time to pray? 
Have you read the Bible through? 
As a good Berean would do? 
†††††Do you pray for some new Light? 
To keep you on the path thatís right. 
Praying for those who do you wrong, 
Not sitting there singing a pity song. 
Or do you think of all your work? 
Or of someoneís little quirk. 
Sowing discord in your heart, 
Is how the Devil is going to start. 
If living for God until you die, 
Is not the center of your heart cry. 
Then Satanís fool you will be. 
Until at last your doom youíll see. 
The lukewarm will God spew out, 
Itís in His Word without a doubt. 
You must be zealous, burning hot, 
Without a wrinkle or a spot. 
Looking good on earth below, 
While in the Lord refusing to grow. 
Is trying to serve two different masters, 
And always leads to great disasters. 
Double tongued you cannot be, 
Or youíll burn in hell for eternity. 
It will not matter who you deceive, 
If God does not your soul receive. 
So listen friend before itís too late, 
And you see God close the gate. 
Living in eternity is forever long. 
So itís not worth it going wrong. 
If you are willing to give Him all, 
He will listen to your call. 
Total repentance from your sin, 
Is sure to give you peace within. 
Submitting to His Holy will, 
A new life to you will reveal. 
Living for God donít forget, 
Will give a life with no regret 
Noah Bullen ††December 2015