Choose Your Friends With Care 
Choose your friends with care              
What they are you may become            
Be not careless when you choose          
Where your friends come from.            
Their influence can be bad or good       
Depending who you choose                  
If you are not careful                         
Your own soul you may lose.                                                                                     
Many examples we can find                       
Today in the Bible recorded 
Evil companions push sin 
And leave your life disorted. 
Godly companions can be  
A blessing in word and deed 
And help guide us to light 
If we their council will heed. 
Take Jonathan and David 
For examples in this way, 
Loyal to God and each other 
Until their very last day. 
Yet look at Jehoshaphat’s life 
With Ahab made affinity 
But Jezebel’s wicked daughter  
Became his son’s wife consequently.  
You may think you’ll be fine 
You’re too strong to bend, 
But what about your children 
Where may it their souls send? 
So be not careless when choosing 
With whom you hang around 
They’ll have great influence on you 
This truth is firmly found. 
Hannah J. Bullen