The Decision 
I looked ahead and saw a valley dark and grim 
The path was hard to tell by twilight growing dim. 
The devil whispered, ďNow, why do you go this way? 
Thereís easier to be found, just come, do as I say. 
Look, hereís a nicer way thatís not so hard and strait 
And what is better yet, at end is heavenís gate.Ē 
I turned and looked that way, the path indeed was fine 
The peopleís hearts seemed happy, not burdened down like mine. 
The path was not too far from where my path did lie 
It didnít seem so different, what hurt was there to try? 
It wasnít broad path yonder, Yet still I felt it wrong- 
Good people, it did seem, walked on this way in song. 
It seemed just little matters I would need to change, 
For most things on this way were still within my range. 
Just matters like this or that - affecting my life none 
Why not go on that way? It surely seemed more fun. 
There were so many folks who traveled on that way 
I would not be alone, as at this present day. 
There were so many chances for my future there ahead, 
Why not leave my path here, and travel yoní instead? 
But, then I thought of Calvary - my Lord upon the tree 
It seemed that I was Peter, and that He looked at me. 
How could I deny Him? I owe to Him my all 
The pleasures ~ O how fleeting, yet voices still did call. 
ďO, come over to our way, itís so much nicer here. 
Safetyís found in numbers, youíve nothing here to fear. 
Your way is not so right, just look at historyĒ- 
Yet there I knew Iíd find that they agreed with me. 
But, even if they didnít, what of Godís Holy Word? 
The things that Iíd been taught, the truths that Iíd heard? 
Would I, could I leave it, for what - a fleeting pleasure? 
How could I trade that out for my eternal treasure? 
To do so - what a fool! †To do so, Iíll not dare; 
But will to Him draw nigh, and His cross daily bear. 
I will not be ashamed to stand up for the right, 
But strive to be more faithful and pleasing in His sight. 
And what will others do? What choices will they make? 
And where will their paths go - for eternity them take? 
These choices are their own, all this they must decide, 
But for myself I choose, and with my Lord I side. 
Lord help me to stay true, not faint upon the way, 
I know Your way is right, and on it I will stay. 
And may this now, forever, upon my mind remain, 
That without you, Iím a fool, and Satan my soul may gain. 
He really doesnít mind how far from truth we stray, 
Just out of Godís pure will - he crouches for his prey. 
O Lord, please help me now, vigilant and sober be 
Lest from Your way I do stray, and he devour me. 
Hannah J. Bullen †2/16/10