Rejoice, O Youth 
Rejoice, O pleasant youth 
In granduers of today 
Have now what thou desirest 
And walk in thine own way. 
Seek what thy passion craveth 
Thy dreams go all fulfill 
Fly where your spirit longeth 
Love all that's in thy will. 
Throw off the aged counsel 
Thy rulers disregard 
Have now no bounderies given 
Thy pleasures to retard. 
And as you go this way 
Enjoying sin a season 
The way may seem real nice 
And cautions without reason. 
But know thou this for sure 
Your life has been recorded 
God keeps his records well 
His judgements won't be thwarted. 
He loves those who love Him 
And blesses whom He will 
But those who truth forsake 
Are under His wrath still. 
H. J. Bullen  4/17/10 
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