Life Is A Test 
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Life is a test  
Of unequaled moment 
Bequeathed to man 
By God’s wise bestowment 
Time and Eternity 
For our soul is resting 
On the results 
Of this colossal testing 
Day by day  
Of decision and choice 
Communicates to God 
Our vote and our voice 
Thy will be done 
Or mine at all cost 
Choices eternal 
Of saved and of lost 
At the bright dawn  
Of eternal reward 
When all men stand 
To face the LORD 
When clouds roll back 
And trumpets sound 
When mountains flee 
And cannot be found 
When Christ descends 
With sword and flame 
Sorting the facts 
And fixing the blame 
Books will be opened 
And truth will be known 
Records kept perfect  
To all will be shown 
Secrets of men 
Of intent and thought 
Out in clear view 
Will all be brought 
Values and motives 
And pride will show 
The true hearts of men 
That all might know 
That God is just 
And merciful and right 
Impartial and fair  
When all comes to light 
That God hath right 
To command and enforce 
And God from our life 
No man can divorce 
Tears may flow 
And regrets may wail 
But in this late hour 
They cannot avail 
Mercy is past,  
The test is complete 
The scores are tallied 
And laid at His feet 
Sentence is given 
No room to appeal 
You voted and chose 
Your fate they now seal 
Rejoicing is heard 
From those who passed 
Who lawfully strove 
Whose faith held fast 
Who walked His way 
In truth and in right 
Who finished the course 
And fought the fight 
“Well done” they hear, 
The long race is o’er 
Now glorious rest 
On that golden shore 
Do we hear sighing 
For the stress and pain? 
No, only saints singing 
Their loving refrain 
Do they have regret  
Of their labor and toil? 
Not now as they rest 
On His Heavenly soil 
Mark Bullen '10