To Mark Bullen, bishop of Living Faith Christian Fellowship, greetings.  Some time ago, my father received a book from you, entitled “The Alien Exposed”.  After a short perusal of the book, he replied that he was very much unconvinced, and that he had other, more important things to spend his time and energies on.  To which you replied, as I read in the letter you sent back to him, that he had failed in his duty to seriously consider the things which you wrote, and to weigh them with the Scriptures.  You implied also that he was being deceived by the devil in vainly imagining that he was fighting real threats, while disregarding important battles around him. 
This challenge I accepted.  I took the time to carefully read every page of your book, “The Alien Exposed”.  I also studied your book on divorce and remarriage and “Did Jesus Correct Moses?”  I have searched the Scriptures, read the writings of early Christians, and listened to the Holy Spirit speaking through the lives of my brethren.  I have listened for the still small voice of God to speak to my own heart about this matter, and I believe I may speak with some confidence on where I stand. 
My answer is simple.  The alien egg is that which denies the peaceful kingdom of Christ as He taught it to us clearly in His Sermon on the Mount. The alien egg is that which denies our Saviour’s teaching of higher moral truths than those previously delivered to Israel.  The alien egg is that which makes our Savior merely one who frees us from ceremonial law, and not also a Teacher of divine truths which were until then never fully understood. 
Your book is no doubt an acid test which will divide between those who love, and those who disdain the Truth.  The Savior’s words are simple, but oh, how they bite and tear at the flesh!  Jesus’ teachings call us to fulfill everything that the Law and the Prophets were striving for.  They reveal to us the deep truths behind the Law as revealed to Moses, and bring us nearer to the perfect heart of God, who, being Morality incarnate, never changes. 
I share your grief, albeit from an entirely different perspective, that modern-day Anabaptist people do not always do a good job of understanding and explaining this concept.  We know that there are differences between the Law of God as revealed through Moses and the Law of God as revealed through Jesus Christ.  Therefore sometimes, to our shame, you may corner us and make us say that Jesus must have corrected Moses.  However, we know that Jesus, as God, was the author of Moses’ Law.  And we know that God does not contradict himself.  If we do a bad job of explaining the relationship between the two covenants, it is to our shame. 
I think that while it is a great, majestic, often mysterious unfolding plan, it is also quite simple.  God revealed part 1 of His plan to Moses.  To the Israelites He revealed much of the depth of His morals and precepts.  But after many years, when the fullness of time had come, He was able to reveal through His Son, Jesus Christ, depths of truth and grace beyond anything the prophets of Israel had ever been able to fully understand!  Jesus’ teachings in the Sermon on the Mount are truths that can only be fully understood by those who have been born again, and are part of the glorious, spiritual kingdom of heaven.  To those outside, they appear foolish and are indeed a stumbling block, but to those who know the grace of God, they are precious gems that reveal the heart of God for His creation. 
I was prompted to write an article explaining much more in depth where we stand on this issue.  It will be printed in the next issue of PLAIN THINGS, which I doubt you receive.  If you wish, however, we could send you a copy.  The article is very inadequate and imperfect, being written by an inadequate and imperfect man.  I am sure others would be able to explain it better, but I have attempted; and if someone is led to study and receive better understanding of the Scriptures, praise God. 
I am also sending you a book, written by a Mennonite author, which does a beautiful job of explaining the Anabaptist view of our place in society today as opposed to the place filled by the Israelites under the Old Covenant.  I beg you, have the good courtesy to read this book from cover to cover as I have done for you.   
Your book presented a challenge, and I have accepted.  I have weighed it, by the grace of God, with the help of my brethren and a great cloud of witnesses past and present, and I have found it wanting.  It is indeed a different gospel than that which we understand Christ and His apostles to have preached.  I implore you as a young, imperfect man to an elder, reconsider.  For the sake of your family, for the sake of your church, and for the sake of your own spiritual well-being, I beg you to rethink the position you hold. 
May we all be more perfectly conformed to His image, and may we be given discernment and wisdom to live soberly, righteously, and godly in this present age. 
I do not wish to volley words, or to engage in rhetorical debates.  My desire is that the truth may go forth, and that God may be glorified.  And my ultimate desire is that the differences between those who name the name of Christ be resolved, that we may spend eternity together. 
                             Humbly, J_____________